SONG OF THE DAY Rollingchild – Feeling

What an absolutely curious track! I’m only on my second listen but am already marvelling at the array of sounds and genres all firing off in one place here!!  Sultry strings with a soulful edge merge seamlessly with old school indie vocals (well, that’s just the chorus), fiery beats that quicken in pace stir powerful vocals as they ignite and roar into soaring highs.  There’s a little bit of the old and a little bit of the new all complementing itself in what is a very dynamic song and the more I listen, the more I like!

For Atlanta-based Michael Anthony Bostino, a.k.a Rollingchild, music has been the only path ever since he was a child.  Adapting pillows and pans as drums and percussion, at the age of 13 he was already writing songs and started his first band, Tres Bien in 2002, perfecting this sound under Rob Stevenson’s artist development program at the Island Def Jam Music Group.  In 2010 Bostino temporarily moved away from music, focusing his efforts on growing high-quality cannabis (for which he wrote My Money (Grows On Trees)), but when the legalisation of cannabis turned his company on its head he fell into a deep depression.  It would be music that would save him from this downward spiral and when he had the opportunity to record his first solo album he snatched up the opportunity.

Feeling is taken from Rollingchild’s upcoming album entitled, Post Party Depression which is due on October 25th via InCrowd Recordings (Pre-order/save the album now via SpotifyBurger Records and Bandcamp).  The record was produced by Randy Micheal (Mattiel (& The Booze) and accounts a deep depression that took such a hold on Bostintos life.  Its very much an open book on the last two years of his life and all lyrics trace this closely.  Commenting on the today’s track, Rollingchild himself stated, “‘Feeling’ is one of my personal favorite songs on the album. I wrote it while living in California where I developed a small obsession with the apocalypse. I was having reoccurring dreams of massive tsunamis and super volcanos and meteors, and at one point was convinced I would see the end of times.”  Check it out above.

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