SONG OF THE DAY Allah-Las – Holding Pattern

The world is full of heaviness and today I’m feeling it…. Which is why the release of the Allah-Las new album couldn’t have arrived at a better time!  I first heard today’s song, Holding Pattern a couple of weeks ago on the radio and have been eagerly awaiting today so that I could get my hands on its soothing goodness!

For these Californian psych-rockers the garage-infused sounds of the 60’s comes completely natural, like a second nature they were born with when they arrived on this planet a few decades too late!  Capturing the carefree abandon of lazy summer days in their sound, the Allah Las revive all the haziness of the golden era of psychedelia; not in a contrived or copied manner, but with fresh authenticity.

Lahs is the band’s fourth offering and upon first listen promises a good listen.  Lighthearted and driven by a cool summer vibe, the record contains 13 tracks of warm garage-rock goodness; which I am working my way through now as I speak…  Holding Pattern gently coaxes you into a dreamy cocoon and is the perfect way to open the album, setting a steady, sweet-tempered pace for the rest to follow.  Its a little beauty and its making me feel lovely listening to it… Check it out above and listen to the rest of the album here. 

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