SONG OF THE DAY The Birthday Party – Junkyard

For all your venting needs, why not try some of today’s snarl and disorder to let out any pent up frustrations you may be harbouring!!! Nothing like a bit of Cave chaos to unleash inner beasts!!

Junkyard is the title track from The Birthday Party’s final album which was released in 1982.  The record has been reported to have turned post-punk upside down with its darkly raw and gritty content and has became known as one of their defining moments – and this wasn’t just because it was their final release as a band before Cave and Mick Harvey moved on the Bad Seeds.

This record has barbed teeth with a sound that could tear the flesh in one dark bite and, as Simon Reynolds described in his book, Rip It Up and Start Again, is a “soundscape teeming with gargoyles and bubbling with putrescence.”   Junkyard is as menacing as it is doom-laden as Cave splutters and chants in dark tongues as if summoning the devil himself! His pained gurgles rise and fall over blackened oceans of  swampy bass and impending rhythms…YUM!  Check it out above.

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