SONG OF THE DAY Dead Ghosts – Drugstore Supplies

Dead Ghosts breathe life into the classic sounds of garage rock, bringing their own retro sparkle into these 60’s inspired sounds! For me, I can’t get enough of this sound and relish the thought of new bands emerging from the ashes of that golden era…and there are plenty to choose from!!

Signed to Burger Records, Dead Ghosts are a four-piece band from Vancouver, British Columbia.  Consisting of Drew Wilky, Mikey W, Moe Chuimento, Craig Pettman and Bryan Nicol, they group been compared to the likes of Black Lips and King Khan & BBQ, bringing forth their own style of organic lo-fi recording style with country-esque vibes.  Combine this with their “sweet guitar pluck-and-jangle sound,” driving rhythms, and the occasional Back From The Grave feel and you will get the basic make up of their songs.  Brand new track, Drugstore Supplies pivots around a fast pace of spangly guitars and semi-raucous vocals.  Energy fuelled and as springy as a box of bouncy castles on a pogo stick, this song hums with good feeling and catchiness! Available now, grab your copy from here and listen above.

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