SONG OF THE DAY Oaxaca – Froth

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, beard and outdoorWhat I completely love about this song is the not only does it have a totally unexpected ending, but the lyrics!  Those lyrics, so dark!!!  It had me fooled at first with its soft, doo-wop melody and gentle vocals, but what I didn’t initially realise is that I was listening to a murder ballad…in very fine form I hasten to add!!!!

Opening with the line “I can’t wait to see my baby/I can’t wait to see my girl/I’m gonna stick my knife right in her/’Cause I’m too good for her,” its easy to miss a few words and not even realise what darkness is unfolding, for shrouded in such flowery candyfloss its easy to miss the line, “I’m gonna stick my knife right in her!!!”  This theme continues throughout and closing with the line “Gonna knife my lover/Put an end to her world” I think its fair to say that there is no chance of a happy ending here!  However, I am very taken with the ending and just after four minutes in, the tempo accelerates into some psychedelic warp speed, things get lively and the transition adds yet another exciting dynamic to what is a very wolf in sheep’s clothing kind of song!!

Oaxaca is the name of this very enticing track and was released in 2013, featuring on LA group, Froth’s debut album, Patterns.  Consisting of JooJoo Ashworth on guitar/vox,
Jeremy Katz- on guitar/bass and Cameron Allen on drums, the band have been making their own blend of psyched out rock for over six years now!! So far this is the only track I’ve heard but I intend to remedy that very soon! Check it out above and listen to more here! 

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