SONG OF THE DAY Liotia – Blackout (Ashley Beedle’s Afrikanz on Marz Vocal Remix)

“The poetic verse with soulful undertones can only be compared to the lyrical prowess of a blue whale, if only they could speak…”

Entitled Blackout, today’s track has crept quietly under my epidermis and now swirls around just beneath the surface like a calming layer of sonic skin!  Vocals are fresh, the rhythm is heavy and the whole track comes to together in a hypnotic union of soothing electronica and trip hop beats.

A recent signing to Ramrock Red Records, Liotia are an electric/acoustic duo consisting of singer-songwriter Abigail Hubbard and producer/engineer Matt Smyth.  Pronounced Ly – Oh – Sha, the band have been likened to Portishead and  Little Dragon, their creations am an enchanting blend of original sounds, samples licks and melodies which fuse electronica, trip hop and jazz influences.  For their latest release (due on the 25th of this month) Liotia have combined Abigail’s haunting vocals with Matt’s digital soundscapes and drum machine to deliver their original version on the Blackout EP.  Also included on this forthcoming release are remixes from Ashley Beedle & Darren Morris (studio keyboard player for Massive Attack), entitled the Africanz On Marz Vocal Remix and Melodica Dub (melodica courtesy of Dr Rey).

Previewing now is the Africanz On Marz Vocal Remix and, clocking in at just over 7 minutes, this version satisfyingly glides by as if it were only a fleeting few moments.  It’s mesmerising beats are cool and entrancing, whilst vocals are tinged with mystery and possibility as they flip between sultry lows and soaring highs.  This song will get under your skin, but it feels so nice and tingly!  Check it out above and listen/order your copy of the EP from here.

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