SONG OF THE DAY Graham Coxon – Meaner Than The Sea

Image result for graham coxon end of the fucking worldApart from being one of the best series I’ve seen in a long time, The End Of The Fucking World has some superb music on its soundtrack!  The second series features quite a few little beauties courtesy of the the great Graham Coxon who has composed 20 tracks especially for the show.  The new score includes these 20 tracks, all of which were written, composed and performed by Coxon in his home studio this summer!

Already releasing She Knows  the rest of the soundtrack is emotive, stirring and outstanding!…I appreciate I’ve not gone into in depth reasons as to why, but if you’ve seen the series, I need not say anymore! Coxon has added a touch of the American to this with Western styles, slide guitar and atmospheric flourishes at every turn! I fell head over heel with Meaner Than The Sea from the very first moment I heard it.  It feels like some divine union between Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen is unfolding as burning lyrics set this delicate melody aflame.  It’s an absolute stunner! Check it out above.


  1. Down To The Sea
  2. Dining Room Stand-Off
  3. Madder Than Me
  4. Mash Potato
  5. A Better Beginning
  6. Bonjour, Monsieur
  7. Bonnie The Kid
  8. Hat
  9. Beautiful Bad
  10. I’ll Race You Home
  11. Layby Eyes
  12. This Time Tomorrow
  13. She Knows
  14. Something Sweet
  15. Wedding March
  16. Fly Away
  17. Threw It Away
  18. Why Are You Crying?
  19. Meaner Than The Sea
  20. Vale

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