SONG OF THE DAY Satans Breed – Laugh Myself to the Grave

Only a band with a name like Satan’s Breed could come up with such a wicked track entitled Laugh Myself to the Grave….and lets face it, if you gotta go, what a way to go eh!!?

There is little known about this band other than they were formed in 1966 and hailed from Rhode Island.  Evolved out of the Angi-D’s, the band consisted of Ronald A. Lemme (Composer/Guitar/Vocals), Dennis M. Moretti (Saxophone/Composer/Vocals)
Terrence M. O’Donnel (Organ/Piano/Vocals), John L. Zelano Jr (Guitar/Vocals) and
Joseph O. Sevigny (Drums/Vocals/Special effects/lyrics).

Sadly they only ever put out one single on A-L-M Records which was released in 1966 and includes today’s song on the flip side with Little Girl on the A-side. Who knows why they never did anymore, it’s a crying shame really but so many garage bands of this era appeared with little corkers like this before disappearing into obscurity..and needless to say, for this very reason the 45 still fetches good money, with an average price of £150-200 for a good copy!  I love the rockabilly tinges and garage rock fire it thrusts out though every tingling organ solo, twangy guitar lick and fast-paced jazzy beat; it’s a lively little beauty! Check it out above.

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