SONG OF THE DAY T. Benny & the Buzz Brothers – The Drought

When Wick Records received a tape recording of this song in a random package one day, the attraction was immediate; they wanted this record and snatched up the opportunity to press this right away!  Is it any wonder though?  For there, presented before them, were two songs that possessed some right old heavy, desert-drenched hung-out fuzz; who wouldn’t want to be the first to unleash this to the world!!?

T. Benny and the Buzz Brothers sent one of their tapes from a late night recording session to the Daptone offices with nothing more than an accompanying note that read: “T. Benny and the Buzz Brothers – For Wick – Conceived at a smokey late-night session at (the famed) Diamond Mine Studio, in Long Island City.”

There was no other information about the musicians or personnel shared in that parcel, but upon hearing the two tracks Daptone promptly called Diamond Mine Studios and exclaimed “WE WANT THIS RECORD!”  Snatched up and instantly nestled under the wing of Daptone subsidiary, Wick Records, these two mind-blowing instrumentals were pressed on vinyl and released in August 2018!

The A-Side, a Link Wray-inspired track, is entitled Gimmee A Buzz and serves up a ferocious surf-rock dish of snarling guitars and frantic beats; its fast, its furious, its astonishingly exciting and wouldn’t be at all out of place in Tarantino movie!  Today’s song is the contrasting B-side entitled The Drought, an equally enticing and rather scorchingly mysterious number with a slow and unhurried disposition.  Whereas the A-side feels like your amidst some life or death action shot, this track feels like the dusty aftermath of an all-gun’s blazing showdown;  you may be crawling in ashes but you live to see another sunrise!  To date these seem to be the only songs released by T. Benny & the Buzz Brothers, but what a couple of corkers! Lets hope they return one day!!!

Check it out above.

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