SONG OF THE DAY Solid Gold – Message To Planet Earth

Although released nearly 50 years ago, today’s song wouldn’t go a miss if it was circulating today, it’s sentiment is kind of timeless and universal. With little out there about the band or the song, this appears to be and extremely rare West Coast record which was originally recorded in 1973!

Message To Planet Earth was a self-released 45 issued by a band called Solid Gold.  Led by Alexander Love (now there’s an apt name), this heavy bass-driven funk/soul mantra was definitely a more raw affair to what came out after; apparently his Pieces of Love LP was a far slicker affair!  It doesn’t look like the band were ever signed or ever really made it big and, from the scant information available about the band, it would seem that Solid Gold were only active in 1973 and only ever played in local clubs…Still, they did create this little gem and if nothing else I truly believe this should be recirculated and enjoyed! Check it out above and if you like it, share the love!

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