SONG OF THE DAY Night Beats – War Games

Seattle’s purveyors of all things psychedelic have created some of the finest, heavy doses of mind-bending hazy, crazy garage-nostalgia this side of the 60’s! I use the term ‘have’ instead of ‘continue’ as their latest offering was (I regret to say) a big disappointment; in finding their feet have they lost their edgy heads?

Still, things change and move on I suppose and the rawness that accelerates most bands into the the busier realms of music’s orbit tends to fade as they are swept up by the mainstream?  So when I find myself playing the Night Beats, I always return to their first few albums – their 2011 debut especially, for you can almost taste the fury and hunger all over this record…it’s a fantastic introduction!!  With hints of The Rolling Stones Paint It Black echoing throughout, War Games is an epic psych-dream that appears on their 2011 self titled debut which was released on Trouble in Mind Records.  If you’ve not heard it before, enjoy!  If you have heard it, enjoy it anyway and if you want to hear more from the Night Beats, there’s plenty more here!

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