SONG OF THE DAY Patsy Raye & The Beatniks – Beatnik’s Wish (cult Christmas classic!)

Though Beatnik’s Wish has been a cult Christmas record for a number of years, there is little out there to report on this mysterious release.  Patsy Raye came and went as quickly as the Beatnik craze that briefly swept through America in 1959/60 and is known to have made only one other 45 for the same label.

A little mystery is no bad thing, however, and Beatniks Wish conjures up a mood of sultry abandon with its shapely percussive curves and sizzling brass sections. It is also a blank canvas too, inviting listeners to indulge their smokey, bongo-beating fantasies as they ponder Raye’s origins, what she may have looked liked and what become of her…one thing’s for certain, Patsy didn’t want gold watches or diamond rings, all she asked of the man in red was: Santa, bring me a man….  

Happy Christmas to you all………….See you soon!

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