SONG OF THE DAY Suicide – Ghost Rider

When I first heard this track it reminded me so much of Alan Vega’s superb album, Cubist Blues.  It was then I discovered Suicide: A band that comprised of Alan Vega and Marty Rev!  Taking their name from the title of a Ghost Rider comic book entitled Satan Suicide (a favorite of Alan Vega), the band were active intermittently between 1970 and 2016.

Suicide were riot-inspiring synth-punk pioneers and were well-known for their riot-invoking performances!  Their early shows were confrontational and often ended with violence (this was definitely owing to the influence of Iggy and the Stooges!) and whilst on tour supporting Elvis Costello in Europe, their gigs were said to have incited a number of ructions throughout!!

The impressive thing about Suicide is that, despite always remaining relatively underground and unknown, they had an immense influence on the industrial dance, noise, techno, and ambient scenes of the 1980’s/90’s.  Their music still continues to influence and inspire and I guess it’s no wonder that they have now been recognised as being one of the most influential acts of the era!

Combining Alan Vega’s blues-style vocals with Marty rev’s synth sounds, their sound was built upon minimalist electronic instrumentation comprising of synthesizers and primitive drum machines.  Though never widely popular among the general public, their debut album Suicide (1977) was described by Entertainment Weekly as “a landmark of electronic music”, whilst one critic wrote of the record that, Che and Ghost Rider are “eerie, sturdy, proto-punk anthems that rank among the most visionary, melodic experiments the rock realm has yet produced.” 

A truly hypnotic experience, Ghost Rider chugs along to a mesmerising beat whilst a relentless dark and repetitive synth melody rolls out like an endless dark road.  Vega’s vocals are primitive and breathy, creating this really tense and edgy atmosphere which makes me love this track even more – to me this sound is so unique and exploratory, there is nothing out there quite like this…Listen above and check out this amazing rendition below by the amazing Guadalupe Plata and Walter Daniels!

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