SONG OF THE DAY Chrissy Zebby Tembo – Oh Yeh Yeh

“It could be argued that this is one of the greatest rock n’ roll records of all time! Straight from Zambia, we have “My Ancestors”. A tough rock and roll masterpiece like no other. Over-ridden fuzz guitars, pop melodies and even a Black Sabbathesque sounding song. Comes in an old school ‘tip on’ cover. Must be heard to be believed.”

With the rawness of Jimi Hendrix and James Brown, the heavy repetitive riff-based melodies of bands such as Black Sabbath, the Rolling Stones, Deep Purple and Cream, Zamrock had a wealth of influences to draw upon.  The combined heavy fuzz sounds of western psych rock combined with traditional rhythms of African music gave birth to this new breed of sound-beast!  There are a few artists that are generally credited as the creators of this genre and these include, Rikki Ililonga and his band, Musi-O-Tunya,  WITCH, The Peace, Amanaz, Paul Ngozi and his Ngozi Family and (today’s artist) Chrissy “Zebby” Tembo, 

Chrissy Zebby Tembo is the drummer of the Ngozi family. Active in the mid 70’s, Tembo released two albums, for which My Ancestors was his 1976 debut.  Full of wild fuzz guitars, African beats and extra-cool vocals, his first record has been described as easily one of the best African psychedelic rock albums ever recorded!  Sang in English, this music is so raw, rough and full of the darkest, organic psych rock you’ll hear!!  Original albums on Chris Edition label are rare as gold dust too!!

Appearing on this record comes the instrumental delights of Oh Yeh Yeh, a roaring howler that boasts some of the rawest, hair-lifting guitar melodies you’ll hear on the album…Check it out above.

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