SONG OF THE DAY Douglas Dare – The Joy In Sarah’s Eyes

Emerging in 2014, Douglas Dare is a London-based singer-songwriter who first came to my attention in 2016 (check out my posts here).  Growing up on an isolated farm, Dare’s early works reflect on the differences between the rural life he knew as a child and the technology-oriented world he now finds himself living amidst.  The profound effect this had on him inspired an album’s worth of work and in an interview he once described how, I grew up on quite an isolated farm in Dorset, surrounded by fields and not much besides. My mother taught piano from home and we didn’t have a computer, or the internet or mobile phones. In fact, my family still chooses not to use these things. It’s worlds apart from my life now in London where technology seems to dominate everything I do”

It’s been few years since the release of his 2016 Aforger record, but next month Douglas Dare is to release Milkteeth, his third full-length offering.  As with many of his songs, drawing from personal experiences is what inspires Dare’s writing and the new single from this forthcoming record continues on this theme.  The Joy In Sarah’s Eyes explores the innocence and simplicity of his childhood and is an honest and soul-bearing reflection of his formative years.  Composed using the autoharp – a new discovery for the multi-instrumentalist – the track draws on indie and folk influences resulting in a Jeff Buckley-esque ballad for a new generation.  Speaking on the track, Douglas explains:  “I realise now that Sarah is the child in me; she is the innocent and pure joy that we all have as children that often is lost with age. Remembering this joy and keeping it with you can literally keep you alive, keep you vital.”

Captured in the song’s sunshiny melody is a pure, vibrant feeling and through its steady pace joyful and heartfelt lyrics shine out as they exclaim, “Sarah, I see you everyday/And though I age you stay the same/How I remember the joy in your eyes/ The joy still in me/It keeps me alive/Oh it keeps me alive..”

I’ve always maintained that we should never lose the child within us, for it is with these eyes that we look at the world with wonder.  I love this way of thinking and spend most days enjoying the simple pleasures in life.  With this song Douglas Dare captures this sentiment magically and its so nice to hear a song that makes you feel so bright and happy….Check it out above.

Released on February 21, Milkteeth was produced by Mike Lindsay — founding member of Tunng and one half of LUMP with Laura Marling — Pre-order the album from here. 

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