SONG OF THE DAY The Rwenzori’s – Handsome Boy (E Wara) Pt 1&2

I find myself in a similar situation to yesterday with regards to today’s song as there just isn’t much information out there about the band behind today’s little afrofunk gem!

What I can tell you is that this six and a half minute instrumental delight was originally released in 1974 on US label Editions Makossa.  The track was written performed by a group of musicians gathered from various places in the Rwenzori Mountains up from Kalembe, Uganda near the Congo border.

Going by the name of The Rwenzori’s, the band were heavily influenced by soukous and congolese artists like Franco (a major figure in 20th-century Congolese music, and African music in general), as well as being drawn to genres such as jazz and funk.  What came out of these inspired musicians was this flaming fusion of soulful afrobeat and at nearly seven minutes long there’s enough brass, rhythm and groove to satisfy any funky soul searcher…it’s definitely put a large smile on my face!

Rediscovered, aired and shared by Brighton’s delectable Mr Bongo label, the song was featured on one of their compilation albums a few years back and at one point Mr Bongo was selling original copies of the 45, that may still stand, I’m not sure but you can always check that out here! Listen and enjoy!

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