SONG OF THE DAY Elysian Spring – Lotus

It’s pretty hard to place today’s song in any particular era and its mysterious qualities I find quietly hypnotic and enticing.  As a willowy melody winds itself loosely round a sporadic tribal beat you can almost feel its grip tighten and as the delicate breeze from various wind instruments also become entangled in this enchantment, its not long before you yourself become entwined and lost forever…

The history of Elysian Spring is as eclectic and unusual as the music they created.  When the west coast of the US was gripped by the summer of love, this band were busy devising a sound based on pure improvisation.  The members were inspired by the classic jazz sounds of Dave Brubeck and Cannonball Adderley as well as being intrigued by early new age music. Their practice sessions would often take part in the fields of Western MA where the openness was said to help the group evolve whilst keeping it more organic, separating it from the all too clinical sound of school-bass jazz.

Their one and only album entitled Glass Flowers was released in 1969 and although catergorised as jazz, this is digestible jazz with elements of fresh, organic freedom coursing through its experimental grooves.  Featured track, Lotus stands out for its unusual instrumentation of two flutes. To achieve the desired tones, the band frequently disassembled the flute mid-performance and used a hand as an extension of the instrument.  Its the only track I’ve heard from the record, but one that has made me want to go and listen to lots more and as if you ever find yourself amidst a chaotic mindset just as I have today, you may find this is the the answer to all your ills….Check it out above. 

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