SONG OF THE DAY Herbcraft – Push Thru The Veil

“Herbcraft writhes and flows through umpteen Amon Düülian soundscapes with all the raging Mithraic fire of Flower Travellin’ Band, a permafrost of sonic ice suffused by its own incandescent glow. That good? That compelling, kiddies. That the U.S. Underground continues to throw up such out-of-nowhere essentials is more than heartening; it’s a lifeline and that’s a fact.”Julian Cope

Music that is designed to expand your mind can take you places, transporting you away from the confines of any space through a porthole of sound.  Wonderfully contorted audio structures unravel as you travel through these other sonic dimensions, shaping paths of escape as they carry you away….

Today we have a song that will escort your mind to any destination of your choosing, so if you’re ready to go, buckle up and Push Through The Veil..…………………..

 Herbcraft are an experimental Psych/Space rock band operating out of Portland, Maine.  Formed in 2009, this three-piece band consist of Matt Lajoie, Joe Lindsay and Aaron Neveu.  To date they have released 4 LP’s, a couple of cassettes and a 7″ record!

The sound of Herbcraft, as the name might suggest, consists of a sizeable chunk of experimental Space Rock, infused with splashes of freak folk, country blues, and raga. Through this infusion, Herbcraft create hazy and free-floating psychedelic compositions which, I can confirm with the discovery of today’s song, possesses the capability to propel you into hypnotic worlds!…..or “free-roamin’ jamscapes” as someone so aptly put in a review I’ve just read!…heehee..I like that one!

So tonight is the first time I’ve heard of this band and it was today’s song, the aptly titled Push Through The Veil, that sent my mind adrift from the very onset!  I love its hypnotic vibe and loose exploratory structure.  Otherworldly noises leap out from the buzz of a looping melody as layers of dazzling sounds coil themselves around you, embedding their intoxicating grip into every receptive fibre you have…..It’s quite a trip….

Check it out above and if you like what you hear you can listen to more from Herbcraft (including Wot Oz – the album today’s song comes from) here.

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