SONG OF THE DAY Car Seat Headrest – Can’t Cool Me Down

Fronted by Will Toledo, Car Seat Headrest first appeared five years ago after the band released their Matador debut.  Often delicate and understated, Toledo’s (often bedroom produced) DIY approach unravels heartfelt songs where lyrics explore love, youth, depression and hope. His creations are easy to relate to, both musically and lyrically, and do not demand your attention; more so it gracefully asks and if you are willing to accept you shall surely be rewarded.

Their music has been intricately shaped and unhurried, focusing more on the essence than the impact and what really comes across is that the narrative is always authentic and genuine.  Speaking of his creations when he first started out, Toledo explained how,  “I co-write the songs with myself/ He feels the feelings, I write the words.”   This is how Will Toledo described the artistic process of Car Seat Headrest and this is what has always driven his songwriting, the desire to express himself.

Yesterday, Car Seat Headrest unveiled a new song entitled Can’t Cool Me Down.  The track is the lead single off their new album, Making a Door Less Open, which is due on May 1st via Matador Records.   The single is a collaboration between Toledo and 1 Trait Danger, an electronic side project featuring drummer Andrew Katz and Toledo’s alternative persona, Trait.

According to Toledo, Making a Door Less Open took four years to make. It’s the first new music from the band since 2016’s critically acclaimed Teens of Denial.  At just over 5 minutes long, Can’t Cool Me Down opens with Toledo’s delicate falsetto as it drifts in, greeting you pretty much as soon as the song opens. From the moment the vocals drift in, soft highs to contrasting lows layer beautifully together and right from the start its hard not to fall for & really connect to this song….Check it out above and pre-order the album here. 

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