SONG OF THE DAY Donnie Elbert – Wild Child

Donnie ElbertAnyone that knows the music of Donnie Elbert will be familiar with his notable and very distinguishable vocals. Though I say this like I’m one of those ‘anyone’s,’ but it’s not been that long since I stumbled upon this artist!..but you only have to listen to a few of his songs and you will see what I mean about that voice!!!

Born in New Orleans in the mid 1930’s, Donnie Elbert was a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose prolific career spanned from the mid 1950’s right through to the late 1970’s! Marked by his falsetto voice some of his more well-known tracks were songs he released later on towards the 1970’s; A Little Piece Of Leather being one of those!  Though this later stuff isn’t really for me…but today’s song is quite a little belter and with lines like, “A kiss from your lips brought out the tiger in me and I don’t think I’ll ever get tame,” how can you not find this a little soul sizzler!?

Wild Child was released in 1957 on New Jersey’s Deluxe label as the b-side to elbert’s single, The Stroll.  It came out about the same sort of time (perhaps a few months later) than Peggy Lee’s, Fever, and I don’t know if anyone else can hear it in this track but it reminds me a bit of Fever….? Check it out above.

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