SONG OF THE DAY Stud Cole – Hard Luck Games

Earlier this evening our Prime Minister advised us that the UK is now in lock down and, whilst everyday has felt like a surreal dream since this pandemic has started to creep into our daily lives, tonight its starting to sink in.. This is real, this is on our doorstep, this is now in our lives and not just on a news channel that we can switch off!…and then you find this underlying uneasiness and fear creeping in as life as you know it drifts out!  I’ve always felt blessed to have access to such a wealth of music, but now more than ever this is going to be something that I can become even more absorbed in!.. In sharing what makes me happy, I hope it will make anyone who listens happy too..It’s as simple as that!

A couple of days ago I shared the wonders of Stud Cole’s Burn Baby Burn, a howling slink-a-thon of blues goodness, but I can’t stop there! Hard Luck Games is too good not to be shared and this artist is just too good not to be blasting out of your speakers!! This is raw and uncharted; unrefined and organic! This song sounds like it was recorded in a bunker many moons ago!  Its’ hypnotically heavy and Cole’s vocals authentically predate the late 60’s release date of this song!..what else can I say! This is the shit that will see you through these crazy times!

Listen above and read more/listen to another corker from Stud Cole on my page here.

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