SONG OF THE DAY Moondog – Pacific Ocean (Rain Forest)

OceansA complete feast for your senses, today’s song, entitled Pacific Ocean (Rain Forest), is utterly enchanting!  Connecting mind and body through music, this sound touches the soul as it immerses you in natural earthly delights.  Cascades of glistening droplets fall like sonic raindrops as waves crash in the background, drawing your consciousness into a majestic world of natural, rapturous bliss.  Music is escapism and today’s song couldn’t be more liberating…

Recently released as part of a 5-track EP entitled Oceans, there is little else out there about today’s song as of yet! There isn’t too much out there about the whole EP in fact, but there is a theme to this collection of songs and if you haven’t already guessed, yes, it’s all about the mighty ocean!  Composed by the eclectic and diverse artist that was Louis Thomas Hardin, a.k.a Moondog, I’m not even sure if these instrumental works have ever been released before?  All that is stated on his Soundcloud page and other downloadable platforms is that this EP was released by the Estate of Moondog!

For all those who are not familiar with Moondog the musician, composer, theoretician, poet and inventor of several musical instruments (including a small triangular-shaped harp known as the “oo”, a triangular stringed instrument played with a bow that he called the “hüs” and the “trimba”, a triangular percussion instrument that the composer invented in the late 1940s),  Moondog was a complete one-off!  A revered pioneer on the avant-garde/minimalist scene (usually within the jazz realm), Moondog wrote most of his music in braille, having lost his sight in an accident involving a dynamite cap at the age of 17!  His revolutionary attitude towards composition and melody was praised by the likes of Philip Glass and Steve Reich, while his style and attitude drew comparisons to Harry Partch.  To this day his influence can be seen in the music of Stereolab and Moonshake among many others…

Oceans was released last month and if you happen find yourself with a spare few moments and the desire to escape, I strongly urge you listen to the whole EP...and if you love it and want to purchase it, you can do that here

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