SONG OF THE DAY Jeff Dale – A Suffering Pain

Today’s song is not for the heavy-hearted, but then again maybe it is?  Maybe this slice of slow, suffering soul is just what you need?

Tonight I bring you the wonders of Jeff Crutchfrield, a.k.a Jeff Dale.  Born in Memphis, Jeff Dale was a R&B singer with a heart full of soul.  Still considered by many to be heavily underrated, he was best known for being the lead singer of the Cleveland, OH band, The Springers. Dale was active around the mid 60’s, recording both in the band and as a solo artist   I can’t seem to establish why his recording career was so short-lived, but by the end of the 1960’s he had left the music business and later opened his own restaurant….but, tragically this venture was also short-lived as soon after opening his BBQ joint he was murdered!  After reading that, tonight’s song just seemed even more tragic!

A Suffering Pain was a single he released in 1966 on New York’s ATCO Records.  It’s a heart-wrenching journey into the soul of a broken man and, like any golden soul singer worth their weight should, Dale’s pleas head straight for the heart. 

So, (and I quote from a website called MusicStack):  “Take some time and experience a trip into the whirpool of despair!  Surrounded by a production that could sink ships, Jeff Dale’s emotional, tremblin’ vocals are partnered by rolling drums & high-pitched echoing girls draggin’ you in to feel this man’s pain”……………….Listen above.

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