SONG OF THE DAY Canned Heat – Poor Moon

With the sky so wonderfully illuminated by tonight’s Super Moon, it would be rude not to pay homage to this majestic beast! In these weird times we find ourselves amidst, nature is the one constant and in nature we find peace….well I do anyway and I dare say a good many of us do!?

Not only is today’s song a charming song about the moon, it’s what Al Wilson feared would happen if we were to misuse, test, litter and abuse it just as we do our own planet.  Fearing that that that we “might test some bomb/And scar your skin”, Poor Moon was way ahead of its time really! It was environmentally conscious even then and as it looks and ponders at the bigger picture, is it suggesting that we are a threat to all life!  Even though this song is over 50 years old, it’s content is completely apt for now and to me it begs the question, “will we ever learn?”  The song goes on to say how, “I hope I see you in the sky/At night, when I get old/I hope you’ll look about the same/As when I was a boy,” and I guess that really sums it up for all of us! We all hope that the moon we gaze upon and the earth we inhabit will still be here when we are old!

Poor Moon was a single released by Canned Heat on Liberty Records in 1969 and later featured on their Hallelujah record as a bonus track! Check it out above.

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