SONG OF THE DAY Willie Colon, Héctor Lavoe & Yomo Toro – La Murga

In 1968 a band formed in New York City and little did they realise at the time just how much of an impact their music would have!  Named The Fania All-Stars, this musical group formed as a showcase for the musicians on Fania Records, the leading salsa music record label of the time! Still active today their discography spans over fifty years with dozens of records released on both Fania Records and Columbia Records.

In the early 1970’s two members of the band started recording on their own; both of whom would later collaborate with an array of other salsa musicians and both of whom were instrumental in popularising salsa in the United States.  Willie Colón (trombonist/band leader/composer/arranger/singer) and Héctor Lavoe (vocalist) were often joined by left-handed guitarist, Víctor Guillermo “Yomo” Toro and over a 7-year period they recorded 14 albums together.

Taken from their 1970 album, Asalto Navideño (which curiously translates as “Christmas Aassult”), comes today’s song!  La Murga was a hit single from this record and remains to be a staple part of many Latin American dance floors to this day!….and is it any wonder!?Go on, tell me your hips aren’t swaying to this vibrant melody?  This is sunshine! Listen above.

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