SONG OF THE DAY El Rego et son ensemble typique – Bambino-Blue

Take a few minutes out to savour today’s smooth, sweet instrumental treat!  With it’s meandering melody and sultry jazz/blues undertones, this is music to watch the world go by with, or to sit and drink with..this is a sound that will take you to otherworldly realms where you can bask under its soothing caress and forget everything…if only for a short while. I have to say that I welcome such escapism.

There really isn’t too much out there about today’s song, Bambino-Blue, or indeed the artist behind this track.  What I do know is that it was performed by a singer-songwriter Théophile Do-Rego, a.k.a El Rego, who was accompanied by “son ensemble typique” for the record.  The song was part of an EP which was released in 1968 and was one of three tracks to feature on the release.  It was put out on the Beninese label, Impressions Sonores du Bénin, with track listing: Bambino-Blue/Ah! Donne Moi Ton Sourire/Buru-Barara.  

If you are interested to read more, I’ve just managed to find a lot more information about El Rego in this post on the Radiodiffusion blog. Listen above.

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