SONG OF THE DAY Sab Florence E. – Why Must It Be

If today’s song isn’t already dark and obscure enough in its own right, the very fact that this little nugget of psych rock is shrouded in mystery just adds to its curious allure!  There really isn’t much at all I can tell you about the song or, indeed, the artist!

Why Must It Be looks to be the only single ever put out by Sab Florence E. and was released by Denver’s Band Box Records in 1969.  Whether the test of time has all but swallowed up the very existence of this track, its apparent rarity suggests this is why it has held its value and the one and only copy I could find only is currently for sale with an asking price of £56!  Accompanied with a b-side entitled, I Need Your Love, its seems a shame that this is all Sab Florence E. put out!  There is an attractive unearthly gloom about it and with eerie vocals backing the lead, it possesses a very haunting, haunted feel.  I can’t promise this will lift your spirits, but it will certainly stir them! Check it out above.

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