SONG OF THE DAY Kit Sebastian – Rain (باران)

Even before I listened to Kit Sebastian, I was intrigued, if not overwhelmed, with a desire to hear what “a meeting point of different genres from Anatolian Pyschedelia and Brazilian Tropicalia to 60’s European pop and American jazz…” sounded like!

You would be curious wouldn’t you?

Kit Sebastian are a duo that formed in London and consist of France and London-based Kit Martin and Istanbul artist and vocalist Merve Erdem.  Last month the pair released their debut album, Mantra Moderne, which was released via Mr Bongo Records.  The record explores universal themes such as love, loss, decay, language and ideology, mixing three different languages: English, Turkish and French. Written and recorded by the duo, Kit composed all the songs and Merve wrote the lyrics.  This took place in rural France during 2018 and each song was completed within a 12-hour window, “pawning contemplation for spontaneity.”

According to their Bandcamp page, “all instruments were analogue and no samples were used. The instruments included on the record range from tablas to darbukas, balalaikas to ouds, MS20 synths to Farfisa organs and a lot of cuica. The mixing techniques were done on-the-fly, tracking immediately to tape: compression, EQ, delay and reverb; meaning mixing could not be revisited!”

Authentically psychedelic, cool and refreshing, Rain fizzes about like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summers day! This song is one of two previously unreleased original tracks (the other being Kozmos) which only features on the deluxe edition of Mantra Mdern…So far I’ve only had chance to listen to these two tracks but something tells me their sound surfs a rather diverse spectrum which gives them that, ‘don’t know what’s coming next’ edge!…which is always good when you want something that little bit different.

Listen above and listen/order both versions of their debut from here. 

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