SONG OF THE DAY Frank Gay And The Gayblades ‎– Down Bound Train

The Downbound train was originally a Chuck Berry song which he released in December 1955 as the B Side to the No Money Down 45.  Driven by a relentless, fast locomotive tempo, the song hurls you onto the scorched carriage of a “train rushed on at a terrible pace” as it fast approaches its hellish destination, driven by none other than the devil himself.  A reference to Berry’s staunch religious upbringing, this track is one of my favourite Chuck Berry creations!!

Whilst trying to discover the artist behind today’s fine (and rather different) cover, I had a little delve into some of a few other renditions of this song…and even discovered that the great Ray Manzarek did a rather lively version on his 1974 LP, The Golden Scarab!

If Chuck Berry’s original was a frantic freight train voyage heading into the pits of hell, then Frank Gay And The Gayblades ‎ contrasting counterpart feels more like a leisurely pleasure trip sauntering to the underworlds. It still has that sense of danger, but the feel is curiously laid back…

Backed with the instrumental Hades. Frank Gay and the Gayblades released their cover of The Down Bound Train in 1963 via Sauk City, Wisconsin’s, Cuca label!  This is a hard-to-find 45 and currently fetches in the realms of £190!  I believe that this was the one and only single released by the band, but aside from his music Frank Gay also hosted a local TV show as well as owing the Marquee Club. Band member Eddie Vespa spent his career in music and later had releases of his own!! Check it out above, this is a fantastic cover!!!!!

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