SONG OF THE DAY Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc. – Baila Chibiquiban

Today’s song is a sizzling scorcher that will surely get the blood boiling! Released in 1972, Baila Chibiquiban is a fiery Latin-Funk delight, infused with golden flames of Afro-Cuban soul and smouldering flickers of smooth Samba. 

If, like me, you love a rhythm-driven song, this will be a winner, I’m pretty sure about that!  The bass, a delectable solid presence throughout, steers you through an exotic soundscape of fevered guitars and rousing beats.  Vocals are soulfully hypnotic and the rhythm is hot and vivid – and in a break about 1:40 minutes, sends a little shiver down the back as nothing but percussion and drums wildly dance together! Yum!!

So, the man behind todays song:  “Joseph Van Het Groenewoud”, who would later become known as “Nico Gomez”, was a musician & composer from the Netherlands. He spent his youth in the Antilles, Cuba and other islands of the Caribbean, which had an unmistakable influence on his music. As a passionate musician and skilled guitarist he was familiar with the typical rhythms and melodies of this region. Later he returned to the Netherlands, before fleeing from there to Belgium in 1946 to escape from serving in the Dutch army in Indonesia. From then on he called himself “Nico Ooms”.

It’s said that he was so obsessed with Cuban music that he changed his name to “Nico Gomez” – in any case, the name fit better with the Latin American music he brought to the stage. He had made a name for himself as a composer and arranger for various artists and orchestras – e.g. he wrote for “Los Chakachas”, a well-known Belgian Latin-soul combo. But he also conducted the “Nico Gomez Orchestra”.

One of his most sought-after recordings was the 1971 album Ritual, performed by his band Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc.  It is considered one of the best Afro-Latin albums of the 1970’s and is also the record that featured today’s song!  The very good news I have to share is that Baila Chibiquiban has recently been reissued by Germany’s, Matasuna Records, alongside an edited version of the track on its b-side, so if you don’t fancy paying in excess of £50 for the original 45, you could always hop on over to Matasuna and buy a phsyical reissued copy for £8.00 plus P&P…..Find that here and listen above!!

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