SONG OF THE DAY Minyo Crusaders & Frente Cumbiero – Cumbia del Monte Fuji

For their latest release, Tokyo-based Minyo Crusaders have joined forces with the Colombian Cumbia pioneers, Frente Cumbiero (lead by Colombian songwriter and producer Mario Galeano Toro – also a founding member of Ondatrópica and Los Pirañas).  This beautiful explosion of sounds continues to merge Japanese folk songs with heavyweight Colombian styles, but this time introduces a collaboration between two actual bands.

New EP, Minyo Cumbiero, will release at the end of the month and was recorded across two days in Bogota in August 2019.  The 4-track EP includes versions of an ancient Japanese rap tune, modern cumbia standard and 1980’s Chinese computer game theme-song and captures a thrilling exchange between two dynamic groups!  Japan and Colombia may be cultural opposites on different sides of the world, but for this project they have combined style and sound to produce a unique hybrid of rippling bass lines, carnival grooves and dynamic rhythms.  Cumbia del Monte Fuji gives us a taste of what’s to come when the EP drops at the end of the month and its a lovely bit of diverting joy! It truly is….Check it out above, pre-order the EP from here and listen to more from the Minyo Crusaders on my blog post here. 

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