SONG OF THE DAY Eddie Miller – Ghost Town

If ever a song gave me instant goosebumps, this was it!  Written by US Country singer, Edward Monroe “Eddie” Miller, Ghost Town was released in 1960 and featured as the b-side to Honey Baby (I Was Wrong).  From what I can gather, Miller only put out a couple of 45’s via California’s, 4 Star Records and though today’s song was only ever the flip-side to one of these two singles, its seems to be to the one he’s known for – I can’t even find a copy of the A-side to play you!

Ghost Town is as haunting as it is captivating and the pace is that slow that you could almost be fooled into thinking this record has been put on at the wrong speed.  This lonesome ditty is out of this world!  It sucks you into a dimension where time stands still; where dust devils and tumbleweed are no longer the only signs of life, but signs of life departed.  There’s nothing left and the emptiness screams through the dragging hum of eerie howls as they swirl about like ghostly apparitions.  The song is about a man who left his town to better himself.  He later returns for his love, only to find she has already left with another man.  In the bleakness of the “drizzlin’ rain,” the man calls out for his ‘baby’, but she is gone and and though the streets may be full of people, without her they are as empty as his heart.

Today’s song reminds me so much of Jody Reynolds’ Endless Nights, the song I featured yesterday. A very kind soul with a great ear for music passed Ghost Town onto me a couple of days ago and I just kept thinking of Endless Nights!.  Maybe you won’t hear it, maybe its the cry of the forsaken in both songs, coupled with the haunted feel of its melody, but these two songs keep connecting for me….I love them both! Listen above.

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