SONG OF THE DAY The Mothers of Invention – Trouble Every Day

Producer Tom Wilson of MGM Records signed the Mothers of Invention to Verve Records on 1st March 1966 on the strength of today’s song alone! Without any shred of a doubt, I would’ve done too!!

Backed with Who Are the Brain Police on the b-side, Trouble Every Day was to be the band’s breakthrough/first release, which also featured on their debut album, Freak Out – for which Wilson was also credited as producer!t

Trouble Every Day (labeled in early prints as Trouble Comin’ Every Day) was written by Frank Zappa in 1965 at 1819 Bellevue Avenue, Echo Park, Los Angeles – the residence of a methamphetamine chemist referred to by Zappa as “Wild Bill the Mannequin-Fucker” after watching news coverage of the Watts Riots.  Originally dubbed The Watts Riot Song, its primary lyrical theme is racial violence, social injustice and sensationalist journalism.

I’m sure I mention this on many an occasion, but rhythm is invariably something that draws me into a song! In this instance its the rhythmic prowess of Zappa’s lyrical delivery that really does it for me! Musically its a lot more bluesy than mainstream rock’n’roll and its layered looped-groove of twanging guitars and cutting harmonica are pretty smashing too! Love this song! Check it out above.

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