SONG OF THE DAY Idrissa Soumaoro Et L’Eclipse De L’Ija – Nissodia

Today’s epic afrobeat groove-down is nothing short of an invigorating thrill to the system from start to finish! Shivers will not be in short supply I tell you that now, this is DIVINE!

Nissodia was originally released in 1978 on the German Democratic Republic (GDR) label ETERNA.  Performed by Malian artists, Idrissa Soumaoro and L’Eclipse De L’I.J.A. the track featured on their LP, Le Tioko-Tioko.

In 2017 Mr Bongo’s featured the song on a compilation entitled The Original Sound Of Mali‘ and later this year something quite funky is going to happen between the Brighton label and an interesting collaboration!

In Autumn this year Mr Bongo Records and hip hop pioneer Mike D from the Beastie Boys are to reissue this exhilarating rapturous track with Mike doing his own rework of this song on the b-side!  What’s rather special about this forthcoming release is that, whilst the original version of the song is now available for download, the actual reworked version is yet to come!!! Lovely bit of anticipation going on here!!  So, if you love what you hear (as much as I do) you can pre-order the single (on vinyl/digital) from Mr Bongo’s Bandcamp page.  Listen above.

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