SONG OF THE DAY Spunky Onions – How I Lost My Virginity

It would appear that artist, Matthew James Duguid, a.k.a Mat Ducasse, has a real penchant for weird and wonderful band names…I mean, just get a load of these: Coco Electrik, Flight, Invisible, Phantom Hand Band, Skylab, The Delusions Of Grandeur, The Electric Moccasins Of Doom, The Human Leg and The Spunky Onions!!

The Spunky Onions only released one 45 adn that is today’s chirpy lo-fi ear worm entitled, How I Lost My Virginity – If the band name isn’t enough to entice, this song title will wet the whistle of intrigue further! The minute you press play the melody flows and it feels real good, its fanciful energy is really quite addictive. Lyrics unfold with a youthful vigor and its gentle post-punk aesthetic is so easy to digest, filling the ears with frisky sonic bliss!  The single was released on Templebeat Records in 1979 and why this seems to be the only track they ever put out, I do not know…but if anyone does, get in touch? The b-side I’ll save for another day!..its very good too!! Check it out above.

How I Lost My Virginity also featured on a compilation Glasgow’s Optimo Records put out in 2015 entitled, “[\Cease & Desist] DIY! (Cult Classics From The Post Punk Era 1978​-​1982)” – this is worth checking out too!..

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