SONG OF THE DAY Figures of Light – It’s Lame

When the US proto-punk band Figures of Light released their debut single in 1972, it was met with criticism, suggesting it was “raw, loud, and nothing like the prevailing music of the time.”  It’s funny to think that all these years later, those are the selling points; this pioneering preview into punk! 

Influenced by the Velvet Underground, The Stooges and other pre-punk bands of that era, Figures of Light formed in 1970.  It took two years of hard practice and live performances before they released first single It’s Lame (released on a limited press of 100).  Unfortunately, however, after all that hard work the reviews didn’t look good and the band weren’t able to secure a record deal – A year later they broke up!

In 2006, Norton Records founders Billy Miller and Miriam Linna discovered and re-released the It’s Lame single, prompting Figures of Light to reunite.  At the time, two of its members hadn’t spoken in around 25 years.  They continued to release for a good few years beyond this!

In the early 1970’s when tracks like these were starting to circulate, you could hear the prevailing whispers of early punk echoing through this (now pioneering) DIY goodness! It’s Lame is organic, raw and untamed and this is the the beauty!  Check it out above.

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