SONG OF THE DAY The Budos Band – Unbroken, Unshaven

For over 15 years Brooklyn’s finest psychedelic afro-soul instrumental outfit have been creating their unique fusions of 60’s/70’s, jazz, deep funk and Afro-beat sounds.  Masterful in all things instrumental, this band make the most compelling of sounds and with effortless finesse create sonic journeys that are worthy of many an epic movie soundtrack.

Take today’s track for example!! Unbroken, Unshaven appears on the bands third album, The Budos Band III.  `Released in 2010 via Daptone Records, it was revered by many and hailed by pop music critic Sasha Frere-Jones named as his favorite album of 2010!

The record marked a new direction for the band, demonstrating a new dynamic and the 11-long set was recorded in just 48 hours!!  Fusing elements of psychedelia, Middle Eastern and even Latin sounds, today’s song even boasts some dusty wild west flickers as the song draws to a close! Just listen out as those last bars wind down and how the horns kick off! It’s a sun-scorched dream! Listen above and check out a live performance below.

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