SONG OF THE DAY Chuck Berry – County Line

This is one of those times when I pick a song by an artist who needs no introducing, expecting the information I need to find to be readily available, but no!!  County Line seems to be a little mystery!  I’m not entirely sure of the song’s exact release date or if it ever featured on any of Chuck Berry’s  albums, but it was an early 45 release that’s for sure!  As far as I can see the song was issued on the Chess label in 1956/57 and featured as the b-side to Carol.

County Line tells the story of a sky blue Jaguar and a Thunderbird Ford in a fierce race, their speed attracting the attention of the sheriff as they hurtle towards the county line hoping to outrun the law! I love a bit of Chuck at the best of times but this is one of my favourites (second to The Down bound Train!).  I like the chant of the backing vocals as they punctuate, whilst a zippy piano merrily chinks away in the background…and Berry’s vocals are always a rhythmic delight! Check it out above.

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