SONG OF THE DAY The Dundees – Evil One

There is some good news and bad news to accompany today’s song, so I shall start with the bad!  This great doo wop classic was the only single to be released by LA group, Carlyle Dundee & The Dundees…which is a crying shame…..but the good news is that this song is a little scorcher!

Put out on the LA’s Space Records in 1954, Evil one (backed with Never) expresses the angst of a tortured soul, spurned by cruel love.  It’s edgy, its dark and brimming with this pleasure-pained sentiment that reaches out and grabs at your sympathies.  How can he love such an “evil one” who promises everything but then coldly snatches it away?  She must be the “devil”, that’s why!! Her heart is “icy and cold!”  There’s no denying the way this song rips at the heartstrings and I love the way the horn wails as a pacing bass line adds to the misery with its weighty tones.  I love the vocals! Love the whole song! Check it out above.

….more good news!!!….Some of the band members went on to join The Calvanes after The Dundees disbanded, so there’s more to be had there!!

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