SONG OF THE DAY Crystal Stilts – Magnetic Moon

Although this band have never affiliated their sound to Joy Division, nor have they ever claimed to be fans, there’s no denying that little bit of Ian Curtis in the vocals and distinct post-punk smatterings to their creations.

Formed in 2003, Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts were a five-piece psych-rock band originally from Florida.  After the release of their debut single and an EP in 2004/5, the band were signed to Slumberland Records and over the next five years released three full-length albums, with their last LP issued ten years after their forming!

I’ve only listened to a handful of songs but am delighted to be hearing some Doors-y influences too, especially with the psych’y keys in some of their songs! It’s a great mix of indie, post-punk and psychedelia and definitely a band I intend to check out further!  Today’s song was the b-side to Shake the Shackles, a single released in 2010.  Described as a “bluesy chug that comes on like some lost swamp pop classic, all echo, guitar twang and simple tom ‘n’ tambourine beat,” I also love how it sounds a bit rock’n’roll too and how each time I listen to it I can detect the different elements of psych, indie, shoegaze and post-punk…but most of all I like the garage rock, post-punk side! It’s a bit smashing! Check it out above.

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