SONG OF THE DAY Whitey Gallagher – Searching (I’m Always Looking)

Searching (I’m Always Looking) was the b-side to Gotta Roam, a single released by an artist called Whitey Gallagher in 1956.  Also known as James Gallagher, this Tennessee artist was born in 1925 and actually named Rubon T. Golliher at birth.  His repertoire of releases seems to extend to only just two singles in small pressings, which is perhaps why his first 45 (today’s song) is fetching so much money now!!…nearly £300!!

So here we have a tale of wanderlust and ceaseless searching; looking for a place to settle whilst the heart still longs to wander! I love the lonesomeness of the track and the fruitlessness of all promises made to relinquish the freedom to roam despite the craving a permanent home.

With lyrics like, “I keep thinking just one more thrill, there’s paradise just over the hill” you can really grasp the conflict between settling and searching.  But when lyrics declare “I know you love me, no want me to go, cos winters coming and they’ll be snow. But turn me loose just one more time, maybe then ill find my peace of mind” you know there’s only one way this song can go…..So nice! Listen above.

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