SONG OF THE DAY The Shifters – Left Bereft

Releasing their cool mix of indie and post-punk, Melbourne’s Shifters emerged five years ago; originally self-releasing all of their music. Consisting of, Ryan Coffey (Drums/vocals), Lloyd Davies (Bass), Tristan Davies (Guitar, Vocals), Miles Jansen (Vocals, Guitar), Chris Gray (Drums, Guitar) and Louise Russell (Keys, Guitar, Vocals), the band boast a strong DIY ethic.

Their latest single, Left Bereft, released early last month and rocks a minimalist feel with a menacing body of dual lyrical exchange and stomping rhythms; its hypnotic melody a charm in itself.  Voicing their concerns on current affairs lyrics exclaim, “We’re sick of the news and the papers too/ The left bereft and the right’s just frightening….”

The B-side, Australia, is a psychedelic dissection of their home country’s current state of affairs, from the failures of technology to the horrors of geopolitics…Not the cheeriest of offerings I appreciate, but a mindful look at our world! Check it out above, watch the video below and grab yourself a copy of the single from here. 

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