SONG OF THE DAY Randy and The Randies – Solar Myth

After being away for the last five days its been rather exciting to come back and catch up with some music, I’ve really missed it!  Tonight’s song was one of the first tracks I came across and I instantly fell in love; it’s dark, its raw and the strong dynamics keep you guessing with their sleek changes! 

Solar Myth was a track released in the late 70’s by Randy and the Randies.  This Portland garage/post-punk band formed in 1979 by ex-Neoboy Jennifer Lobianco and included band members included Randy Moe, Steve Reade and Philip Zimmerman. When Jennifer left for LA the summer of 1980 the three remaining members continued working with Leonard McCain, Eric Stotik and Steve Doughton from the Portland DIY music community. 

I don’t think their repertoire extended beyond some live releases and an odd few tracks recorded between 1979-1980, but these songs were all grouped onto a record which was released in 2017!  This album offers two live tracks with Jennifer at the Urban Noize Club in 1980 and then finishes out the side 1 with four tracks from 1981. Side 2 features a soundtrack from 1982 with Leonard McCain and Eric Stotik working with three original members, Randy Moe, Steve Reade and Philip Zimmerman. Side 2 finishes with a short recording of Jennifer from 1980.   I’ve yet to hear the rest of the record, but if today’s offering is anything to go by, it’s gonna be good! Listen above and check out the whole album here.. 

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