SONG OF THE DAY Cut Worms – The Golden Sky

Dipping a toe or two into the calm waters of yesteryears, Cut Worms, a.k.a Max Clarke, likes to bathe in all things bygone.  In fact, he appreciates these past-times so much that even his music is shaped around an old sound where his songs are laid-down using vintage recording methods.  Capturing 60’s-style pop ballads in his song writing, his cool vocal tone is reminiscent to that of the Everly Brothers and if you’ve ever been a William Blake fan, you will appreciate the origins of his alias which has been taken from William Blake’s 18th-century poem “Proverbs of Hell.”

Earlier last month, Cut Worms released latest offering, Nobody Lives Here Anymore.  The record, carved out of an American landscape, explores his love for a country that is losing its battle to consumerism – though this is the shape of the world all over?  Speaking of the album he described it as being about a “throwaway consumer culture and how the postwar commercial wet dreams never came true, how nothing is made to last.  It’s about homesickness for childhood, for a place that never really existed.”

In keeping with the meditative flow, The Golden Sky is a sweet-sounding dream that whisks you away on its sun-tinged melodies.  But don’t be fooled by its gentle nature, this track tackles some serious points and when describing the song Clarke had this to say: “I was trying to create a sort of atmospheric track with the overdubs on this one. It also has some lyrics that are important though I think. The thing about having to rob your fellow man/woman/person in order to be alright yourself – that’s the main part you’re supposed to get by listening to it.”  It’s a gleaming little ear worm if ever I heard one. Check it out above and listen/purchase the rest of the album from here.

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