SONG OF THE DAY The Freeborne – Peak Impression And Thoughts

American psych band, The Freeborne, only ever released one album entitled Peak Impressions, but this record was a worthy offering.  Ahead of its time, it wonderfully showcased the flare the band had for creating their own versatile psychedelic sound.

Taking their name from the film, Born Free, the band consisted of highly  accomplished (and still in theirn teens) musicians, Bob Margolin (lead guitar), Dave Codd (bass guitar, vocals) Nick Carstoiu (lead singer, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Lew Lipson (drums), and Mike Spiros (keyboards, trumpet),

In early 1967, The Freeborne began playing at music clubs and fraternities which, in turn, attracted the interest of blues musician,Barry Richards.  Through his connections with the New York-based Monitor Records, he had the Freeborne signed to a recording contract.

The album that resulted was Peak Impressions, which was released in 1968.  Had the band been older and able to tour (three members were high school students) the record may not have done better commercially, but this didn’t stop the band from being asked to support the likes of the Velvet Underground, Tim Hardin and Canned Heat. Less than a year later the band fired their manager and regretfully lost their contract with Monitor Records. Later in late 1968, the Freeborne disbanded – though variations of the band continued to perform well into the 1970’s.

Peak Impression and Thoughts is a psychedelic voyage into dynamic sonic landscapes.  The terrain is constantly changing and when you first hear it, you probably won’t anticipate how it evolves.  Switching from wild dreamy to mad frenzied, this is six and a half minutes of full-on, hypnotic psych!  Check it out above.


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