SONG OF THE DAY The Gripsweats – Alpha Dog

Today’s otherworldly delight is a deep groove instrumental from 2016.  Coming to you from planet Colemine Records, this sleek chunk of monster funk has a real extraterrestrial feel, and if a Martian were to land on earth tomorrow, fully equipped with its own house band, this smoky funk frenzy is exactly how I’d expect them to sound! 

Hailing from Nashville, TN, The Gripsweats are a funk/soul outfit that originally formed as a studio project.  Eventually migrating to bandleader Andrew Muller’s basement studio, things soon changed and out poured a very rough and raw sound.

Released in 2016, Ziggy’s Walk b/w Alpha Dog was the band’s debut single and what a way to introduce yourself!  These swanky offerings dishes up some very tasty funk, with a slow-burning rhythm section, raw guitar and deliciously gritty darken the room and lets get smoky!  Check out the b-side, Alpha Dog, above and if you want to purchase/hear more, check that out here. 

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