SONG OF THE DAY Curly Sanders And The Santones – Walking Blues

If ever a song had to convey how the Walking Blues feels, this is it!  Today’s haunted serenade leads you straight into the emptiness of a broken heart! Desolate and trudging, the melody reflects the darkness within as lyrics wistfully declare, “My baby left me without any warning/Said I didn’t treat her right……”  It’s lonesome tune echoes the plight of a shattered soul as nothing but a baron road lays up ahead, and even though this is as bleak as can be, this song is so very appealing!

Hailing from Kentucky, Ray Sanders, a.k.a Curly Sanders, released what looks to be only three 45’s in the late 1950’s. Together with The Santones, they issued these tracks on local label, Concept Records.  Walking Blues b/w This time was their debut single and oh my, could any two songs be more different and contrasting? Check out the b-side and you will see what I mean!!  Listen above. 

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