SONG OF THE DAY Prettiest Eyes – Don’t Call

Something a bit lively for you today! Known for their heavy onslaughts of post-punk, synth-punk and crazed psycho retro rock, Prettiest Eyes are a cross-genre trio hailing from LA.

With a sound that strikes the finest balance between No Wave chaos and heavy-bass garage, the band are made up of members, Pachy García (vocals & drums), Paco Casanova (Keyboards, Electronics & Vocals) and Marcos Rodríguez (Bass & Vocals).  Together they have been shaking out their sounds for the last six years or so, releasing their debut album in 2014 via New Jersey’s, Aagoo Records.

By 2017 they had gained the attention of Castle Rock Records and released second LP,  Pools – from which comes today’s rousing offering!  Don’t Call hits out straight away with a fierce and skittish energy, whilst swirling vocals transmit a mighty fine, trippy, outer-space-sounding din! Check it out above and listen to the rest of the album here. 

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