SONG OF THE DAY Joyce Williams – The First Thing I Do in the Morning

Funk was the syncopated groove that emerged in the mid-sixties through hits from James Brown and Dyke and The Blazers. It was a natural development out of rhythm and blues. Thousands of local bands tried to emulate Brown’s success, and in the process created a plethora of rare and sought after 45s and album cuts that have been mined by DJs and producers to fill floors or provide breakbeats.

Today’s rare soul scorcher is pure sonic sunshine! Contrasting layers of funk flourish out of deep grooves and feather light flute melodies; love steers this rapturous delight! Wah Wah guitars wrap their elastic grip around forceful vocals, heightening the potency as lyrics rejoice, “The First Thing I do in the Morning/And the last thing I do at night/Is look at all the love I’ve got/ and I thank the lord above….”

The First Thing I Do in the Morning is one of only a handful of singles to be released by Joyce Williams in 1972 on the ACT IV label.  Such is its scarcity, if you were lucky enough to stumble upon this you would be looking at spending well over £100 for a copy!!  Failing that, you can always grab a copy of Numero’s Groups 2011 Eccentric Soul: The Nickel & Penny Labels album which features today’s delight alongside 23 other little soul corker!! Check it out above and listen/purchase Numero’s comp from here.

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