SONG OF THE DAY Patsie Slater – A Tear

The dark and sultry tones of Patsie Slater’s voice as she forlornly hollers out her words of torment reaches out and touches my heart each time I play this track! This song isn’t bright, nor is it happy, but the pain is delicious and when repeated vocals cry out “I’ve even got an ache/down in the bottom of my heart..”, you don’t half feel that agony!

Arranged by Rhode Island, USA, jazz/blues alto saxophonist/arranger Bobby Smith, A Tear was released in 1962 by a singer called Patsie Slater. This is another one of those mystery artists who seems to have only ever put out only two 45’s, both of which came out in the early 1960’s and both on the US label, Douglas Records.

Today’s song was the b-side to the single, Yes You Did, but is definitely my favourite from Patsie Slater’s (all too small) repertoire! The only other 45 I can find features That’ll Get It (Every Time) b/w Bye Bye Love It’s a shame Patsy Slater didn’t release more, but this fleeting sensation added a star to the sky of soul when she released this popcorn gem! Check it out above.

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